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In Yiwu, there are 8 industries are excellently leading. With core of the policy to develop, strengthen, centralize, promote and base developments on the tenet of exert market predominance. Yiwu is constructing industrial development situations of small commodity, large industry, small enterprise, and large colonization, while cultivating excellent industries and products such as garment, knitting, ornament, color printing, zipper etc., and forming a regionally characteristic economic area.

One of the national four shirt bases, Dachen Town named as "Shirt Town Of China" can produce 500,000 pcs daily.

Ornament and Artificial jewelry:
Lead the ornament new trend, Zhejiang XinGuang Ornament Co., Ltd is the head of national ornament industry.Total more than 500 ornaments and artificial jewelry factories in Yiwu.

Occupied Guangzhou and Chendu markets, the companies of Zhejiang Langsha, Mengna, Baonasi, Fenli etc are listed to the biggest socks enterprises at home. Total more than 600 factories in Yiwu.
Otherwise, lace, ribbon, Elastic belt,PP belt also are the main products.

Output and sales volume occupies 1/4 of national market, sales volume occupies 1/3 of national market.


Such as Inflatable toys, Plush toys, Plastic toys, are popular in developed countries such as U.S.A. and Japan. Total more than 200 factories in Yiwu.

Small hardware:
The key cog and hand tools are the main products, occupies more than 70% of national market.

Total more than 400 enterprises, holds the most advanced printing equipment in the world.can make kinds of packing,bags,paper card,notebook,etc.

Wool Spinning:
One of national two woolen textile bases,can supply kind of wool.

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