Yiwu International Express E-Commerce Supervision Center opend

 Yiwu International E-Commerce Supervision Center was officially opened, marking the Yiwu cross-border E-commerce export pilot work started. In the future, Yiwu daily average of 300,000 votes international express sorting directly in the center, which lays the foundation for further distribution to improve the efficiency of.

In recent years, depending on the solid market and industrial chain advantage, Yiwu International E-Commerce has shown good momentum of development, has become the market procurement of trade, new trade growth pole. The first three quarters of this year, Yiwu e-commerce transactions to achieve the amount of 71,400,000,000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 35%. The cross-border retail transactions 9,700,000,000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 56%, cross-border express daily shipments of 300000 votes, a year-on-year growth of 45%.
Yiwu Ji Mao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a cross-border B2C electronic Business Company, main goods covered jewelry, clothing, daily general merchandise, merchandise sales in Europe and America, the Middle East and other regions of the lord. "In the past, cross-border package first through the logistics company to Hangzhou for sorting, then shipped to the airport warehousing. Generally speaking, to America International E Po tuotou time is 12~14 days, sent to European countries such as postal parcel tuotou time is 20~30 days, part of the country is extended to 40 days. But the Hangzhou international mail exchange office package amount is large, when confronted with a peak, is easy to cause the backlog parcel sorting, not timely, and the flight voyage Co., goods can row warehouse waiting time will delay, then hurl." Yiwu Ji Mao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. logistics department director Luo Yinghua said.
In order to support Yiwu to carry out cross-border electronic commerce export business, to provide more convenient service for the enterprise logistics, customs clearance, Hangzhou customs based on early in the Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park regulation and experience gained in the same screen, introducing the implementation than automatic sorting line in Yiwu supervision of cross-border e-commerce regulation center, and support the establishment of customs clearance service platform for cross-border and cross-border clearance management platform, to cross-border business enterprise of goods, warehousing, logistics information into a unified management, to meet the basic commodity cross-border electronic commerce Export Regulatory requirements.


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