Fair exhibition in Dubai rewarding

Fair exhibition in Dubai rewarding

May 31-June 2, the Fair exhibition in Dubai is over, but the operating business Zhang scarves excitement has always been difficult to calm down. "The first time to participate in overseas exhibitions, did not expect a return to Yiwu made several orders they received, the participation effect is really good!"

June 17, held at the Ocean Business Building Fair 2011 conference held at the Dubai exhibition, the previous exhibition, the first exhibition of nine business representatives gathered together and talked about the meaning of the Fair exhibition in Dubai to participate in the feelings. "Yiwu City Group led by more than 40 companies a total of 73 people composed of 'Fair exhibition in Dubai' pavilions, this year's China Sourcing Fair the most eye-catching 'square'." China Commodity City Exhibition company official said.

Though not fully prepared to work

But still received many orders

Mr. Zhang is scarves business users, mainly targeted customer base is Middle East customers. "The Mall Group's marketing department learned from the Fair exhibition in Dubai with the news, thinking out and see Ye Hao, it enrolled in the show, I and two other companies with a cloth a booth to showcase of cotton, silk, wool scarves made of all kinds. "Zhang admitted that they are the first three companies participating in overseas exhibitions, we are just beginning to" go out "to see a simple idea, although they show site received a lot of business cards, can no intention of orders received. "I did not expect a return to the country, exhibiting the effect of immediately apparent." Zhang said, he received a lot of feedback on the Middle East foreign orders, which makes him both unexpected and happy.

Coincidentally, the very fact that a business umbrella, said after returning to the first day, she received a Middle East foreign telephone and asked her to send a message over the sample information. Occupy a larger share of a market dealers said hardware appliances, to June 17 so far, she has to take over the Fair exhibition in Dubai on the touch pen to the number of foreign orders. "Samples have been sent later, and now has started production orders products."

Digital Fair exhibition in Dubai to participate in the dealers have said since the first exhibition, we have no idea on how to exhibit, booth layout rather crude, even the hooks, shelves and other basic tools are not with the exhibit, and plant samples will show pictures, etc. spare parts are not enough. "To have such great success the show is really something we think."

Overseas exhibitors help enterprises to upgrade

"At the show, I was lucky to get a direct order. After this 'going out', I found a Middle East customer for the products, our products will be more targeted in the future, features of which is exhibiting the greatest experience. "operating an electrical business, market dealers said that before sitting in the market and other stores where customers do not fully understand the customer demand, orders are more passive, but this time out of the exhibition, her customers in the Middle East needs have a very full understanding of this transformation and upgrading of production and a great help.

"The show is a promotional enterprise platform, but also the direction of our future business development of an exploration of the exhibition after the user how to do our business, it is very important." Appliance hardware business, says the family business.

Groups benefit overseas exhibitors promote Yiwu market

"In Yiwu International Trade approved comprehensive reform environment, the Fair exhibition in Dubai of the fruitful results, added to promote the Yiwu market, a splendid." Mall Group Exhibition division manager, said the Mall Group from 2005 Yiwu began to explore the overseas market promotion, they found groups to participate in overseas development and the effects, compared with staff GF fax, e-mail inviting foreign investors to promote the way of the Yiwu market, the effect is much more immediate. "Foreign direct overseas show that selection out of Yiwu commodity market, you can immediately to do business with the exhibitors, and the Yiwu market have an initial visual impression."

Mall Group International Department official said, Yiwu market dealers to participate in overseas exhibition is a stage, and businessmen were "going out" to show docking with the international market, sales, business promotion at the same time, customers can also be brought back Yiwu market, to find the import trade opportunities. "Yiwu comprehensive reform of international trade, the Yiwu market is focused on creating an export, import, re-export trade platform for the long run, Yiwu market is the sustainable development."

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