Yiwu City Independently Organized Recruitment in Hong Kong for the First Time

Recently, the "2015 Zhejiang-Hongkong Modern Service Industry High-end Talent Recruitment Fair" was held at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Yiwu Market Development Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Neoglory Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Yiwu Zhongtong Express Co., Ltd. and other 10 units attended the fair (accounted for 1/8 of the province's enterprises), and launched 23 positions for 25 people, involving banking, marketing, design, finance, logistics and other ten industries.

The recruitment fair received hold hotly by the personnel, human resources agencies in Hong Kong of all aspects, a total of more than 6000 people applying for jobs. The units of Yiwu City received a total of more than 140 candidates, among which master's degree or above accounted for 60%. Fruitfully, a total of 42 people have reached a preliminary intention.

In order to meet the demand for talent in Yiwu City and fit the economic restructuring development, in line with the management and marketing management oriented features of this recruitment, before participating in the fair in Hong Kong, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau promoted the fair by publishing through news release conference, the newspaper publicity, organizing and launching the graduating students of Hong Kong universities through Hongkong Cooperation Organization, sending invitations and cooperating with the social talents and talent agencies etc..

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