Yiwu Carried out a Special Inspection of Civilized Construction of Project in Progress

From March 17 to 22, the leading group office of the municipal construction waste management work organized the municipal comprehensive administrative law enforcement, construction, public security and other departments, to carry out a special inspection of civilized construction of project in progress within the scope of the city.

Law enforcement officers are divided into five inspection teams who take assault inspection form, deepen into 447 construction sites, 54 old-transformation sites, 10 traffic engineering construction sites, focus on examination of the various construction projects in the implementation of Construction Site Environmental and Health Standard, Highway and Waterway Engineering “Peace Site” Evaluation Standard, Zhejiang Province Ordinary Country Highway Construction Project Management Standardization Construction and Assessment Methods, Yiwu City Government Offices’ Implementation Opinion on Strengthening the Construction Site Civilized Construction Management, take photo archive for the sites which do not conform to norms of civilized construction, and contact the person in charge who shall be ordered to make rectification.

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