Yiwu Comprehensively Formulated and Revised the Pacts and Community Convention

Recently, Zhejiang Province held a video meeting of formulating and revising the pacts and community convention activities. The deputy Party Secretary, Secretary of Politics and Law Committee Si Jianmin attended the meeting, and carried out the full deployment for the activities of Yiwu City.

It is agreed on the meeting that it is popularity-winning project and peace project to formulate and revise the pacts and community convention to deepen the grass-roots democratic legal construction comprehensively and promote grass-roots social governance by law which has important significance to improve grassroots self-governing level, ensure the social peace and harmony and promote the rural cultural construction. The formulation and revision process shall not only adhere to the legitimate, democratic, equality and stability, but also be unique, consistent with the village and social situation, give full consideration to the natural and historical situation of village (community), customs and other aspects, accurately grasp the problems need to solve, the matters concerned by the masses of the people and the matters closely related to the development and construction of village (community), also easy to operate, easy to perform, clear "what to do", "what not to do", and "how to do after violation", to ensure the real role of pacts and convention and the realization of self management, self education, self - service.

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