Yiwu City Enlarged the Agricultural Support Strength

     Recently, the spring ploughing site meeting of Yiwu City was held at Chi’an town. The meeting deployed the preparation for the spring ploughing and the agricultural produciton.

According to reports, the overall objective of grain production this year is to complete grain sown area of 230 thousand mu, total grain output of 90 thousand tons. From the preliminary statistics, the spring grain planting area of this year is 35300 mu, increased 3.2% than last year. It is expected that the early rice area is nearly 20000 acres, essentially flat with that of last year. This year Yiwu City's grain policy is more favorable that the total capital to support grain production reaches nearly 20 million yuan. In addition, the characteristic agricultural support policy launched in March also planned to arrange support funds of nearly 20 million yuan.

The meeting proposed that the towns and streets, the relevant departments shall enhance their understanding, and further create a good atmosphere for grain and grain-growing; give prominence to the key points, and earnestly do a good job in grain production work; act quickly, carry out the preparation for the spring ploughing to ensure the successful completion of the annual target of this year.

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