Nation’s First E-commerce Entrepreneurship Lab Was Born in“the First Village of Online Shop”

     Recently, the e-commerce development of Jiangdong Street Qingyan Liu Village ushered in another milepost – the e-commerce entrepreneurship lab of “the first village of online shop” was officially launched. It is understood that it is the nation’s first e-commerce entrepreneurship lab.

More than 2800 registered online shops, 15000 e-commerce practitioners, annual turnover of over 3.5 billion yuan, after a few years of development, Qingyan Liu Village has become the China has veritably become "the first village of online shop" in China. In recent years, with the rapid development of the e-commerce, and the continuous improvement of e-commerce industry, the derivative service of e-commerce operation becomes more and more important. How dooes Qingyan Liu Village break through the bottleneck of e-commerce talents, improve the industry chain of e-commerce and continue the expansion? In this context, the e-commerce entrepreneurship lab emerged as the times require.

The entrepreneurship lab is founded by “the first village of online shop” Qingyan Liu Village and Yiwu Business School jointly. Qingyan Liu Village provides free house at the gold location, while Yiwu Business School sends the senior teachers in the relevant fields to run the specific operation of the entrepreneurship lab. According to the functional orientation, at present there has opened Taobao, Tianmao, Alibaba, Jingdong, Aliexpress, O2O, eBay, wish, Amazon, mobile providers, cross-border logistics, image display, creative writing, the e-commerce industry, visual design and other 15 entrepreneurship labs that each lab consists of a professional teacher and  several college students.

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