Zhou Weiliang Came to Survey Yiwu

On April 2nd, the Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Chief of Provincial Bureau for Letters and Calls Zhou Weiliang came to Yiwu to carry out the survey on the leapfrog visit comprehensive management work. The city leaders Li Yifei, Si Jianmin, Mao Xianghong accompanied the research or participated in the discussion.

After listening to the relevant report, Zhou Weiliang pointed out that in recent years, Yiwu led the petition work with the law thinking, pushed forward the reform of petition work system to significantly improve the petition order that the petition situation became stabilized for the better, and the petition work achieved remarkable success. In the current background of comprehensively promoting the rule by law, we must put the petition work into the orbit of the rule by law, inspect the petition work with the thinking of rule by law, solve the contradictions and problems with rule of law, guide the masses to express their demands with the awareness of rule of law, adapt to the new pattern of the petition work with the construction of the rule of law.

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