CCTV News Broadcast Reported “Chinese Dream” Factory of Yiwu Small Commodities

At the time of the first anniversary to start "Two Project", last night, CCTV-1 News Broadcast focused on the market dissemination of socialist core values in the title of "Yiwu: build ‘Chinese Dream’ Factory of Small Commodities.

In March last year, the Central Civilization Office and the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, City Hall jointly launched two projects as "Ring Rattle – Achieve Jointly Chinese Dream", "I Honest - I Auspicious”. Shangcheng Group won the exclusive licensing of Central Civilization Office to carry out the development of "Chinese Dream" theme products. For more than a year, 137 enterprises already had obtained authorization. "Chinese Dream" series small commodities covered 12 industries, 1800 kinds of products, sales of more than 10 million pieces of goods.

The integration of "Chinese Dream" elements into the design of small commodities will spread China culture to the home and abroad. At an umbrella shop in Yiwu International Trade City, the shop owner Zhang Jiying said, since their enterprise got "Chinese Dream" brand pattern authorized by the relevant departments of the state last year, the umbrellas with the "Chinese Dream" pattern helped them to open the market. Zhang Jiying receives more than ten batches of domestic and foreign customers every day. Their umbrellas are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. Not only the umbrellas, in Yiwu International Trade City, but also the book bags, toys, cups, commodities printed with "Chinese Dream" pattern have become the main force to improve sales.

It is reported that “Chinese Dream” Office will continue to promote the development of "Chinese Dream" products, enhance the appearance and quality of the Chinese Dream products, to meet the needs of market and consumer.

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