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On March 27th, 2013, the Municipal “Three Changes and One Dismantlement” and "Four Edges and Three Transformations" action mobilization meeting was held in the meeting room of City Hall. The meeting drew out the “road map” of a new round of Yiwu development which expressed that no dismantlement of illegal building, no room for development, no social fairness and justice, no future of Yiwu! Li Yifei, the Party Secretary asked the Party members and cadres to rapidly carry out the battle of “Three Changes and One Dismantlement” with the sense of political responsibility “ashamed of avoiding things to be officer", the sense of mission to have the courage to work, dare to bear the responsibility, the sense of urgency that time will not wait, seize every minute. For the work of “Three Changes and One Dismantlement” of the whole city, Mayor Sheng Qiuping had repeated requests, and pointed out that “Three Changes and One Dismantlement” is for the people and development which needs scientific planning, addressing both symptoms and root causes, vigorous promotion to make “Three Changes and One Dismantlement” became a real popular works for the benefit of the people.

 “Three Changes and One Dismantlement” accelerated the construction pace of new community gathering! On July 5th, 2013, Yiwu City issued Gathering Construction Implementation Measures of New Communities in Urban and Rural Areas of Yiwu City (Trial), which was a major change in the history of the Yiwu housing transformation that the transformation of Yiwu urban villages turned from the vertical housing to tall building gathering. Since 2014, the transformation of urban villages mainly launched 7 new community gathering construction projects, a total investment of 7.76 billion yuan, a total construction area of 2.3 million square meters, with unprecedented scale and stress. At present, 3 gathering projects of urban villages have top knot, the other 4 transformation gathering projects have been built up to 10 floors.

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