Online Business Licence of Yiwu Purchase Launched on March 18

On March 18th, Yiwu purchase online business license launching ceremony held at the International Conference Center, 10 network businessmen of Yiwu purchase platform took the lead in the electronic commerce industry brand.

Yiwu purchase is a electronic business platform relying on Yiwu market, combining online to offline, online shops corresponding to the entity shops. In 2013, Yiwu purchase launched a credit transaction security system linking online to offline by commercial credit rating, complaint handling, secured transactions, compensation plan for defrauded buyers and so on to make every transaction on Yiwu purchase have the integrity security. Therefore, Yiwu purchase issued "online business license" to the network businessmen who are engaged in business activities in the electronic commerce platform, not only to ensure that the online shops are linked to the entity market line to solve the identity problem of online merchants, to make Yiwu purchase more trustworthy and more manageable, but also play an important role in helping to improve the construction of market credit system, promoting fair competition of the industry and speed up the development of Internet and network integration.

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