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Resin diamond distinction with brilliant-cut diamonds

Resin diamonddrill also known as also known as matte drilling this 477 colors, advantages to covers all images
Color can really show the true colors of the pattern to make designs more delicate true.
Brilliant-cut diamonds: also known as rhinestones are also called drill in the Middle East which has 47 colors are translucent, Flash,
Will never fade, strength is shiny enough, disadvantages, less color, unable to accurately predict the excessive parts
Pattern details
Resin diamond, his advantage was able to transition the color pattern, pattern, more real and more bleach
Light, reveals shiny DIY Diamond Grade paint (resin diamond) new products: resin diamond drill
Stone paint color diamond 447 different colors to show different pattern the color gradient
Same, rich colors and finished effect, a person is a true diamond picture! Can be used to meet the individual
Hand-DIY taste preferences, Favorites, friends and relatives, relatives and friends can also use or gifts products
Upscale home decor. Drill is the colour, resin Diamond: the "diamond", there are "eight
A plane "and" 12 slices, "two models, there are two forms of resin-drill mix
Shiny texture to finished product, compared to traditional digital painting cross stitch more icing
As well as the sense of luxury, new resin diamond as more of these advantages are vividly!


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