Guangzhou to Yiwu

From Guangzhou to yiwu the best way is by air.

Flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu:

Around 5-6 flights leave Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Yiwu Airport each day:

#1 Departure 09:30, Arrive 11:15, CZ3727.

#2 Departure 11:20, Arrive 13:10, CZ3883.

#3 Departure 14:35, Arrive 16:20, CZ3795 .

#4 Departure 16:10, Arrive 17:50, CZ3309.

#5 Departure 19:45, Arrive 21:30, CZ3886.

As the timetable is changing from time to time,check for sure while you're working on your schedule.

Full price is 1,100 RMB. If you can book 2 weeks in advance, you can usually have around 50% off. You also need to pay 50 RMB more for airport building and fuel tax.

Yiwu air port information:

There's no international flight to yiwu airport directly. Depending on different airport you enter China, you will have different options.

Shanghai to Yiwu: You can take a bus or a train .It takes about 4 hours.

Guangzhou to Yiwu: You can take a direct flight.

Beijing to Yiwu: You can take a direct flight.

Hongkong to Yiwu: You can take a direct flight.

We also arrange airport picking up service,please email us for picking up service


If you go to yiwu by train you have to spend a lot of time on the train.

Trains from Guangzhou to Yiwu.

#1 08:08 – 00:59 (next morning), K528, 16 hours and 51 minutes.

#2 12:08 – 06:50 (next morning), K1210, 18 hours and 42 minutes.

#3 14:00 – 05:49 (next morning), T170, 15 hours and 49 minutes.

#4 15:24 – 08:32 (next morning), K210, 17 hours and 08 minutes.

* These are all air-conditioned comfortable trains. You can choose hard seats(179 CNY/26 USD), hard berth(327 CNY/48 USD) and soft berth(499 CNY/73 USD).

Buses from Guangzhou to Yiwu.

There are several inter province buses leave from different bus stations of Guangzhou for Yiwu each day. They usually leave at the afternoon and arrive in the early morning.

It can take up to 12 or 13 hours, and the price is RMB 300. Bus would be the last choice as some of the buses don't come in Yiwu, they can simply drop you off by the high way entrance to Yiwu. Then you will need to take a taxi…

Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport, Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel
#1 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 45 RMB – 65 RMB, according to your hotel location.

#2 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 35 RMB – 55 RMB, according to your hotel location.

Hope this info would help you won't get too ripped off.

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