Yiwu City Carried out the Accounting Post Real-name Registration

In order to strengthen the management of accounting qualification and accounting personnel's behavior, according to The Accounting Law of the PRC, Measures for The Administration of Professional Qualifications For Accountants, and Bookkeeping Agency Management Approach and other laws and regulations, with immediate effect, the enterprises of Yiwu City will carry out the real-name registration for the personnel engaged in accounting work, and informatization management. At the same time, the Municipal Finance Bureau will increase the intensity of rectification of illegal agency bookkeeping and illegal appointment of accounting personnel, include the bookkeeping agency industry in the normalization management.

It is reported that the object of accounting post real-name registration is the accountant appointed or engaged in the accounts building enterprises and the agency bookkeeping institutions within the scope of Yiwu City.

The Municipal Finance Bureau reminded that the labor contract signed by accounting staffs and the agency bookkeeping institution shall be kept by (assessment check items), reviewed, summarized the agency bookkeeping institution; report the the assignment list of the agency bookkeeping institution; the enterprises setting accounting institutions and professional accounting personnel (including financial enterprises) shall take accounting certificate, identity card, labor contract (or the appointment file), the organization code certificate and other original copies to the Local Taxation Bureau for initial registration. The above generated data files shall be uploaded uniformly to the email of the accounting department of Municipal Finance Bureau by the agency bookkeeping institution and Local Taxation Bureau: ywsczjkjk@126.com, namely the first Pinyin letter of "Yiwu City Finance Bureau Accounting Department".

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