GDP of the First Quarter in Yiwu City Increased 9.6% Year on Year

Recently, learned from the Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Statistics, this year, in the face of complex domestic and international macroeconomic environment and the downward pressure, Yiwu City's economy started well, that the economy of the first quarter achieved “a good start". The effective investment, foreign trade and exports achieved rapid growth, industrial, consumer, financial income and finance steadily developed, market economy and e-commerce promoted mutually, the income of urban and rural residents improved steadily which laid a good basis for the healthy development of the economy.

Preliminary estimates showed that the GDP of the first quarter of this year achieved 22.5 billion yuan. Among them, the added value of first industry was 0.31 billion yuan with the growth rate of -1.2%; the added value of second industry was 8.74 billion yuan, growing 7.4%; the added value of third industry was 13.45 billion yuan, growing 11.5%.

In the first quarter, with the precise force, the effective investment become the driving force of steady growth. The fixed asset investment of the first quarter continued to maintain rapid growth. The fixed assets investment of the first quarter achieved 9.53 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 34.1%, that the growth rate increased 14.9 percentage points over the same period last year, 12.8 and 17.1 percentage points higher than that of Jinhua City and Zhejiang Province, ranking both the top one in the growth rate of 17 economically powerful counties and the counties (city, district) of Jinhua.

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