Two People in Yiwu City Were Elected as the New Session of National Labor Model

The 2015 National Awards Ceremony of Model Workers and Advanced Workers was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Two workers of Yiwu City were commended and interviewed by the Party and State leaders.

National model workers and advanced workers were appraised and elected every five years which is the highest honor of the staffs and workers. This time a total of 2968 workers who made outstanding contributions in all walks of life were awarded the honorary title of national model workers and advanced workers, among which there were 2064 national model. This year Yiwu City had two national model worker winners, which is the largest number ever over the years, respectively as the Party Secretary of Qiyi Village, the West Street He Dexing, the office director of the Second Branch of Lugang Group Wang Lingfei.

Acting as the Party Secretary of Qiyi Village since 1997, He Dexing closely focused on the overall goal of building a new socialist countryside, to realize the lofty pursuit of rural grass-roots party members and cadres in the ordinary position of village secretary. The village collective funds increasingly became strong  and the villagers got rich through guiding the villagers to change the planting pattern, leading "village enterprises" to carry out processing, building an integrated market and the transformation of old villages etc.. He said that leading the villagers to get rich is his greatest wish.

Wang Lingfei is a senior logistics specialist and professional manager. For the last 17 years from the army into the logistics industry, no matter in the grass-roots field management or the present management position, he can actively do a good job and play an exemplary role of Party members and screws in the post, continue to study hard and improve the ability of work. Among them, during the period when served as market director and Secretary of the Party Branch of Jiangdong Freight, he effectively alleviated the congestion of Jiangdong freight market by improving and perfecting the management rules and the emergency plans.

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