“The working scheme of Yiwu taxi industry reform” is introduced

 Yiwu municipal party Committee and Government introduce “The working scheme of Yiwu taxi industry reform”, setting about the reform of Yiwu tax industry reform. According to the requirement of “orderly open, market adjustment, legal supervision, running for the benefit of the people”, fasten the transformation from the administrative permission to market distribution, from government management to public service, forming a taxi market system of fair competition, orderly operation, good service, powerful supervision, satisfying the consumers, drivers, operating enterprises and government.

“The working scheme of Yiwu taxi industry reform” includes the overall idea, main mission, working planning of the transitional period, and guarantee measures. The main characters of the taxi industry reform manifest on “increase”, “decrease”, “excellent”, “strict”, which means the distribution number of taxi industry shall be “increased”, the bearing cost of taxi shall be “decreased”, the development of taxi industry shall be “excellent”, the supervision of taxi shall be “strict”. The overall objective of the reform is to fully execute the divisive effect of the market in resource distribution, gradually forming the operation and supervision system of the taxi market in which the industry scale matches the demand of people, the service quality and city transformation are unified, the industry progress fits the market development.

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